Sure thing, we specialize in websites.  If you already have an amazing website, ethically we'll tell you and hopefully save you some money.  If it turns out you do need a website we'd love to help!

You could, a lot of people do and are very happy.  For us it's a matter of renting vs owning your website.  With Wix and Squarespace you rent the site and pay every month. If you stop paying or they decide they don't like your website content it can all be gone, instantly, at their discretion.  When you build a custom website, you own it and aren't just renting space.

Just like building a home or buying a car, websites range in price depending on multiple factors including what functionality it needs.  Be honest and let us know what your budget is and we'll let you know what we can and can't do.  We're very approachable.

The cost varies based on how complex the website is and how much content/media we need to create.  Our average turn around time for a basic website is around 4 weeks.  We do have rush options available for shorter timeframes.

If you don't already have a domain name we can help you purchase one.  The only thing we can't do is purchase a domain name for you.  We have heard horror stories of people trying to get access to a domain they had someone else purchase so it's really important to us that you purchase the domain name and own it.

Both terms generally refer to the same thing.  'Responsive' means the website responds and adapts to whatever screen size the website is loaded on to provide the user with a good viewing experience.  Google now penalizes websites that aren't mobile friendly so it\'s very important that your website is responsive.  All our website are fully responsive and mobile friendly on current tablets and mobile phones.

We build all of our client websites on a content management system.  A CMS give you the ability to login with just a web browser and easily update your website without having to worry about learning any code.  Just as we mentioned regarding your domain name, it's important that you have control and the ability to update things yourself and aren't held hostage or hindered from making updates to your site.

We've built multiple websites in both areas and would love to help you build yours.

Yes, we provide training on how to maintain the website as well as make content updates.  We also have a comprehensive video training resource you'll get access to so you can refer back as needed.

We specialize in web design and do it really well, so we've partnered with an amazing logo designer that you'll have direct access to and he can create an incredible logo for you.

Typically you would be responsible for all of the website content, however, similar to designing a logo we can recommend a great copy writer to help if you don\'t want to take care of the content creation process in house.  Same goes for the photography on the site.  We have a background in photography and are happy to provide that service if needed.

Web hosting is where all your website files are stored.  When you type a domain name in like thinkpb.com that domain is pointed at a web hosting server.  We can provide web hosting for you or recommend a company we trust as well.

We're really glad you asked!  We'd never just hand over a website and disappear on you!  We offer website care plans that include a long list of items including daily website backups, software updates, malware/hack protection, disaster recovery, uptime monitoring and website analytics.



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