We Are Excited To Give Back

We’d like to give back by designing 5 professional websites for people or companies that could really benefit from them.

This isn’t a trick to get you to buy something else from us and we aren’t going to ‘up sell’ you on anything down the road. You will get to go through our entire process from start to finish using all the same tools we use for our other clients.

You can apply below.

Website Care Plans

All the professional websites we build for our clients need ongoing maintenance and updates to keep them secure and running smoothly after they’re launched. They also have license renewals for the software that need to be renewed. We're excited to donate all of our time, experience and design skill to the creation of your website, but we can't cover those ongoing costs. We wouldn’t be in business long if we did.

Website care plans range in cost based on individual CLIENT NEEDS, but the base care plan always includes the following:


WordPress File Storage

Core WordPress Updates

WordPress Plugin Updates

Disaster Recovery

Website Backups (Onsite & Offsite) w/ Restore

Training Videos

Priority Support

Security & Malware Scanning

SSL Certificate (https://)

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Installation

We aren't marking up the website care plans at all and are offering them at cost.  The cost is $65 / month. If your business prefers additional services, such as ongoing content updates each month, we offer other care plan options.

It’s similar to how and have a monthly fee as well.

Software Licenses

Our professional websites use some products that have a yearly software license. We've included the cost of those renewal fees in our website care plan cost so don't have any additional expenses or worries


We don't offer email, but can help guide you and offer a few options both free and paid to get you a professional email address (


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